cake boxes

Cakes are the best thing that ever happened to the people who have a sweet tooth. They are always visiting new cafes to try out new cakes and they are always eyeing the best cardboard cake boxes to take their cake home in style. In contrast, there is a population of people who like to test their craze for cakes by baking them on their own. However, the hardest part is decorating the cake. In this article, we are sharing some tips through which you will be able to decorate the cake to perfection, such as;

Freezing The Cake

When you have to make a cake for the event on Saturday night, you might as well bake the cake on Tuesday and freeze it beforehand. This is because you need to add the day gaps in the baking and final cake-eating day. The prime reason for adding this gap is the ease of frosting. When you’ve frozen the cake, there will be lesser crumbs on the cake. 

While you are adding the frosting to the cold cakes, it will glide on like perfection. The best thing about decorating the frozen cakes is that they are easy to level down. If you are the buttercream person for frosting, you can also freeze the buttercream for better frosting at the end. 

The Turntable

Cakes seem too simple to make but decorating them is such a huge job that you will want excessive help. However, if you use the turntable, decorating the cake will become easy. This is because you won’t have to move around the table to decorate the other side of the cake, rather you can simply rotate the turntable and start decorating anywhere you want. 


As a beginner, there are high chances that your cake has the bumps and it is not levelled correctly. So, you might need to scrape off the bumps which are basically known as levelling. While you are levelling the top of the cake, you need to use the serrated knife. Levelling the top is essential because you will have to stack the other tier on the top, right? Also, always start scraping off from the edge and move to the centre in a straight line. 

Crumbing Coat 

Once you have levelled everything and cake has a top-notch outlook with zero bumps, you might as well start with frosting already. While frosting, you need to ensure that you are applying the crumb coat at first. This coat will ensure that all the crumbs have been covered and you have a clean and even surface to apply the final frosting. 


The frosting is the most fun part of decorating the cakes because that’s how you put the cake dream into reality. So, while frosting, take a big lump of frosting on the top and start spreading it evenly on the cake using the palette knife or the scrapper. This will ensure that there are no streaks in the cake frosting. Once done with frosting, you can start decorating the cake with flowers or chocolates!